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Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Kiii is an emerging artist, producer and label owner who made his professional solo recording debut in 2020 with the full length album ‘Drug Dealers X Time Machines;. He followed shortly thereafter with the self-produced EP ‘Ski Masks in 97’. Those records launched a new phase of a career that began ten years earlier-when a 16 year-old Kiii built his own computer and started making music.

The prolific teen dropped fifteen independent projects before his official debut. Growing up, Kiii would obsessively fill spiral-bound notebook journals with his observations on the drug and gang activity that plagued his hometown. Rather than glorify the violence around him, the young emcee developed an insightful and introspective writing style. He chronicled his city's crime and subsequent legal crackdown with a sharp pen and a critical eye.

A motivated and multifaceted artist and entrepreneur, Kiii is extremely competitive but also fiercely dedicated to his community. He aspires to use his music and business acumen to open new opportunities for Black America. Citing the inspiration of legends like 2PAC, Dr. Dre, Jay Z, Kanye West and Pusha T, as an artist he hopes to usher in a new era of lyricism in rap. 

After high school Kiii attended UCLA, eventually earning his BA-then soon an A.S in IT. While at UCLA, he continued to develop his craft. He worked on his live show as a licensed LA street performer while dropping mixtapes from his UCLA dorm room. Making records is in Kiii's DNA. His father made beats for local label artists during hip-hop's golden age, and his stepfather was a recording engineer with legendary Bay-area hip-hop collective Digital Underground.

Throughout his career, the musical auteur has taken a hands-on approach to creating his art. With a vivid creative direction, Kiii works side-by-side with producers, engineers, and videographers to bring his visions to life. A consummate professional, the multifaceted artist applies a disciplined and methodical approach to all of his work. In the process he has curated a unique psychedelic west coast trap sound.





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